Fermentation 101

Get the 411 on Fermentation

You might have noticed an uptick in products like kombucha, kefir, sourdough, and kimchi popping up in your local grocery stores—why? Because all these products are made from the beneficial process of fermentation!

Fermented foods have been around for thousands of years, and they’re gaining popularity again as people learn about the major health benefits that the fermentation process can offer. But what is fermentation, and why are fermented foods something worth incorporating into your diet? That’s what I’ll be exploring during my upcoming webinar, Fermentation 101!

Join me for my Fermentation 101 webinar to learn about the process of fermentation and why fermented foods can help improve the function of your gut and microbiome. Together, we’ll discuss how fermentation affects bacteria levels in your body and can promote balance and wellness in both your body and mind.

Meet Dr. Lauren Pihlgren, The Facilitator of Fermentation 101

My mission is to build a partnership with my patients by blending conceptualization and modern medicine with the time-honored values of compassion, empathy and respect, in order to created enduring positive change involving integration of physical, emotional and intellectual health, one person at a time.

In short, I help patients identify underlying issues so they can have better health and an even better quality of life.

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The Center of Balance Clinic

Discover More About the Biology of Your Body

My goal for this webinar is to help you understand how fermented food is digested and why the process of fermentation can be beneficial to your overall health.

When you sign up for Fermentation 101, you’ll learn the difference between fermentation and probiotics, discover whether fermented foods are right for you, and learn easy recipes for fermented foods and drinks that you can incorporate into your diet. On top of all this, you’ll gain insight into your own biology and how your body works hard to break down the foods you eat and gain nutrients to keep your systems working.

If you’re interested in understanding more about how the process of fermentation affects the billions and billions of microorganisms in your body, don’t miss out on this webinar!

I Can’t Wait to Share on Thursday, October 1st at 11:00 am MST!